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I appreciate your time and patience in stopping by my Late Father D K Tiwari’s webpage. Let me take this opportunity to highlight the key objective of this website which is to recollect the memories that you have shared with my father. I know that those evergreen memories are etched on all the people associated with my father, who were his students, colleagues and people from different walks of life. He was a self-driven man who had a vision for Korean language. He was the first permanent faculty appointed for Korean language in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Right from his childhood, he had passion for teaching. While his stay in Korea, during the 80’s, his professor had said to him, “Tiwari you must go back to India and promote Korean Language”. Henceforth, he gave his life in promoting Korean language and enjoyed doing what he did best. He taught students in JNU with dedication and zeal and also ran a private institute by himself. My Father believed that the fundamental duty of a “Guru” is to share the wealth of his knowledge and multiply the number of disciples to deepen the ocean of his wisdom. His contributions have left an everlasting impression from children in kindergarten to people in their late stage of life. He treated each of his students as his own and taught them lessons on how to excel in life.     
Lastly, I conclude requesting you to kindly treat this website as an ocean of valued memories and link your thoughts with the ‘DATELINE’ tab reference to drop your feedback/data in any format. 

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