A Father figure for me & BackBone of family.

” दिल्लीपप्पा (lovingly) ” I used to call in my childhood.
You were the first member of my family who reached to the peak of the your carrier and till then no one succeed like you in my family. U thought us to learn many lessions about diligence , hardwork, and patience to thrive gain and achieve dreams.

I couldn’t spend so much time with you & dadaji that I really repent so hard.
When I recall your memories, I remember those days( 2001 — 2004) when mobile phones were barely used by anyone,you had one heavy Nokia mobile phone. Papa would took me & my sister to pipal chowk at PCO for calling you at about 8 pm on weekends  . He would call you for max 3 – 4 mins (because those days calls charges were high) to tell you all bulletins of baswariya and get your all your updates. At the end papa passed receiver to me & babli for pranam and you always blessed with ‘khush raho” , “mann se padho” like words .
One day, You told us, “I are coming in december”. I took long breath and hesitancy requested for”SHIVAM’S BLUE CYCLE ”  and he without any thought, said “ha ha lete aaunga”.
And you brought us that cycle.
Every one was happy in bettiah except SHIVAM(haha).

There are many stories about you I always listen here. I remember some of them
1. In your childhood you & my papa went to Dr Dada ji’s meeting without clothes and said that we had not clothes. Dadaji bought you new clothes and the sent both of you back to home .

2. Second one is chai story. You had told dadaji that keep chai in your pocket you would consume it later. Lovely talk is dada ji kept chai in his pocket. He never thought about clothes & your sillyness that ware very lovely.

3.Third one in dipawali you arrange movie name “RAMLAL JHAMLAL” for 2 paisa/per person etc. & After collecting all money you and all siblings enjoyed Dipawali.
There are many of stories but I tried to collect some of them .

At last I would add one more thing that I learnt from you to live a life with focused, down to earth, and simply full the purpose of life.

You are not with us, you left us too early
That’s not fair dilli papa . But I internally miss you .

Your as like son ,

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