In memory of Tiwari Sir

With a heavy heart and teary eyes, I write this memoir for our respected and beloved Tiwary Sir. I could never ever imagine that I would be writing a note in his memory. How could such a cheerful person be alas gone away so soon. It is still hard for me to believe that Sir is no more.
With Sir being gone, I have lost my academic inspiration. Sir’s belief in me and his support guided me to achieve milestones that would have been impossible or better said unimaginable. I was a feeble yet confident girl from Bihar with lots of dreams in my eyes, when I had entered JNU in the year 2000. It was Sir’s determination and confidence in me that encouraged me later to pursue PhD at Seoul National University and successfully complete it.
He guided me like a teacher, scolded like a father, giggled at jokes like a friend and inspired me like a legend. I miss you, Sir. We all students do!!!

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