Professor Tiwari in my memory

I’ve known Professor Tiwari for 20 years. When I first met him 20 years ago, Professor Tiwari mentioned his relationship with Korea.
When he lived in Korea, he said that Korea experienced rapid economic growth in the 1970s after the Korean War.
Professor Ttiwari, who I know, has always been a person who thinks about the future of India.
I remember what he said in the 1960s that India was a train exporter to Korea, and that India should become an economic power.
In my personal opinion, India is a country with many talented people.
I’m glad that Professor Tiwari’s son, whom I saw 20 years ago, grew up great.
I’m still going to India for business, and I’m getting along with Professor Tiwari’s family.
I hope that Professor Tiwari’s son will play a big role in the development of India.

Thank you.

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