We have nothing but great memories of you Sir

Sir is and will always be a part of our good memories. Graduating days are the formative years of one’s life and I am glad that we had the luck of being in the crafting hands of Tiwari sir in those days. In the short span (it will always be short no matter how much time we spent together) we spent with him, we shared a lot of memories but most importantly we learned life lessons.

Now that I professionally strive to do what he so effortlessly did, I remember these three lessons that he taught us through his actions:

1. Lessons are not memorised. They are learnt by repetition. You don’t repeat things enough and it will gradually fade out of your memory. Everything sir taught us is still fresh in my memory. The repetitive usage of the lesson undoubtedly seemed monotonous to us as students. But now as we look back, we realise that we haven’t forgotten anything that sir taught us.

2. The betterment of the institute is much more important that your own profiteering. We have all known how sir has fought for the institute without bothering about how it will hamper his own reputation in the eyes of the mighty and powerful.

3. Your ego and the students’ welfare are two completely disconnected things and should remain in two parallel worlds. They should not meet at any point of time. Students’ welfare was sir’s top priority and we have learned that not through his words but through his actions. Everytime I do something for my students, deep down I know that this is a legacy that has been passed on to me by sir.

Sir, we do not mourn, we smile back at all the memories and all the life lessons that you gave us. I feel there cannot be a better gift for the person who wore a smile on his face, always.


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