Prof. Sushama Jain

A good teacher “facilitates thinking, engages minds, listens to all questions, cultivates dreams……learns everyday”.

Dr. Dilip Tiwari had many of these qualities and skills, which are requisite of a good teacher. I was fortunate to have known Dilip first as a teacher, and later as his provost when he was a warden at a hostel of JNU. He taught Korean and I, Japanese in School Of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, JNU. We were one centre in those days (later, Japanese and Korean centres bifurcated). He was one of the pioneers in the field of Korean studies. He made significant contribution to the development of the Korean language teaching at JNU through his scholarship and his teaching. His understanding of the subjects he taught and the issues of students made him a successful teacher. Besides being a dedicated teacher, he was a committed research scholar. 

It was as the provost that gave me an opportunity to know him more closely. We listened and tried to solve together all sorts of problems of hostel residents. As a warden, he proved to be a helpful, considerate, kind and gentle person, he always found time for the residents. 

Dilip had made a brilliant start but tragically, such a talent had been taken away so quickly.  He was a cherished colleague and a caring family man. My thoughts and best wishes have been and will always be with his family in all their academic and personal pursuits.

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